Live in AWE…

dCONCEPT represents the AWE inspired concepts of Davidson Elie. AWE is an abbreviation meaning Art, Wellness, Experience. Davidson and associated talents have worked with many organizations and individuals to utilize the various benefits of his AWE based creative concepts, brands and or systems.


Guided Drum Meditation/GDM Now combines many years of practice, a University of Toronto certification, verbal instruction, professional facilitation and percussion experience with soothing sounds played the Pan, Hang Drum, Orb, some of the worlds newest and rarest of instruments.


CHILL AXE is a music stye representing past Hip Hop, R&B, Dub Reggae beats fused with modern Electronica. In addition, elements of rock & 80’s synths add for a deep sound experience. Visuals include street art and urban flare.

THEY Lounge

THEY Lounge is a music style. THEY Lounge represents true lounge culture from old world music, to the sound the lounge lizards of Vegas to the newer resurfacing of electronic lounge in the 90’s to the 2000’s and now. Classic to modern lounge music, with other added like genres including Free Design, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Funk, Downtempo, House, Electronica, UK beats, world music, groove and much more. Visuals include architecture, fashion, design and more.


iDRUM bridges Afro-Caribbean, world percussion/instrumentation with deep House music and it’s modern day off-shoots. iDRUM as a concept blends the talents of drummers, DJs, instrumentalists, dancers and vocalists with cultural and modern influences.

Metro Mind

Metro Mind is a grass roots, non profit event concept designed to engage people with thoughtful content. Experience activities with a connected perspective in various areas of our city. Past events have been done in association with in partnership with the city. Wellness meets fun social activities.

Cinematic Stills

Cinematic Stills; a visual art concept combining still images shot in landscape with corresponding audio clips and sub-titles. The idea is to create a foreign film like experience within a slide presentation.

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